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        About Us

        Founded in 1994, Yangzhou Xinhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (former Jiangdu Xinhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.) is a manufacturer of fine chemicals with strong R&D capability. Our products include methyl (ethyl/butyl/propyl/benzyl) carbamate, methyl (ethyl) piperazine, trazodone hydrochloride intermediates and fosinopril sodium intermediates.

        In late 2017, Yangzhou Xinhua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. started to build a new factory in in Anqing Hi-Tech Development Zone, which is a province level chemical industry park. The new factory is named Anhui Changhua Chemicals Co., Ltd, and started production in April 2021.

        We are ISO 9001 certified. And we always serve customers throughout the world with high quality products and good service.

        More about us

        Main Products

        Contact Us

        Sales Manager: Mr. Zhong
        Tel: +86-556-5500296
        Email: sales@changhuachem.com
        Web: www.dianshuihu8.com
            No. 2 Jinshan Road,
            Xiannv Town, Jiangdu District,
            Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province,
            P.R. China
        Postal Code: 225200